Roof terrace allotment 2006

Phil and I bought some garlic bulbs when we went to dad and Jean’s to pick up the sideboard at the start of the year, and planted them out in pots on the roof terrace and left them to it. Peeping out through the 10cm square of glass in the door out onto the terrace last weekend, I spotted some shoots – very exciting!

It makes me feel like spring is on the way….

Today is another lovely bright sunny day, but very cold under those clear blue skies. There was frost on the grass in Fortune Park at 8am this morning. The geraniums in mum’s “Le creuset red” Normandy bowl continue to thrive, as do the ones in the plastic pots hanging off the roff terrace trellis, albeit to a lesser extent. Once the weather turns warmer I’m planning to relocate them into a large terracotta pot. I think that that will suit them better, and that will leave the sunny trellis available for a passionflower climber I’m hoping to pick up from dad and Jean.