Introduction to Apple Mac at the City Lit

Hmmm, a bit of a disappointment to be honest. Yes I learned the AppleMac OS ‘model’ and came away with a good understanding of how to set up my tool bars and the dock, and with an appreciation of the differences between OSX and Windows2000, but I could have got that in a couple of hours at most rather than taking a whole Saturday from 10am to 5pm. The tutor was good – but the class has an enormous mix of abilities and interests. For instance, a lady near me had never used a mouse and another chap started by explaining how he’d recently discovered the “return” key.

My feedback will be – make it clear that it’s a course for complete computer novices or run two versions, one for complete beginners who happen to have (been given) a Mac, another for people who are reasonably IT literate and are shifting from PC to Mac.

Having a Bank Holiday Monday to lengthen the weekend was a saving grace, although it wasn’t intended. The second session is next Saturday and I’m planning to go….. we’re looking at the various standard Mac applications such as iCal and Mail, which it won’t do me any harm to understand more fully.