S is for Silence – literally

Argh – the frustration.

I’ve been merrily working my way through Sue Grafton’s Kinsey Millhone, Alphabet series, and having finished R is for Ricochet a couple of weeks ago, I wandered over to the Barbican Library this morning to pick up the next installment….. only to find that it’s not yet published.

Actually, I tell a lie (actually acutally, the Barbican library catalogue tells a lie, as that’s where is says “not yet published”), according to Amazon, it was published on 05 May 2006. OK, so that brings the good news that – all being well in library-land – I should be able to read S is for Silence in the next couple of months. But what about T? and U? and V,W,X,Y,Z? At the current rate of one novel a year, that’s going to mean I’ll be waiting/reading until 2013!!!

Anyway, at least I came away with A is for Alibi, as I *think* I may have managed to miss out on that one when I started the series ….