Question: Where next Mary? Answer: Iran …..

Yes, I’ve booked onto Wild Frontiers’ recce tour to Iran in April/May next year.

I decided that:
(1) it isn’t going to get any safer to go there any time soon, and the chances are it might get even more difficult to visit – so better to go sooner rather than later/never;
(2) I needed something to look forward to over the winter, and to help out on the “work-to-live” ethos; and
(3) If I didn’t book asap the trip might get booked up, or I’d become too stingey to shell out…. either way I’d be missing out on (what I anticipate will be) an excellent trip to a destination that has long been on my travel wishlist.

My Amazon Wishlist has been updated accordingly…. for those of you wondering what to buy me for Christmas (hint).

Outline itinery is:
Day 1: London to Tehran
Day 2: Tehran
Day 3: Tehran to Hamadan/Hamedan
Day 4: Hamadan/Hamedan
Day 5: Hamadan/Hamedan to Kashan
Day 6: Kashan to Yazd
Day 7: Yazd to Bazm
Day 8: Bam to Persepolis
Day 9: Persepolis to Shiraz
Day 10: Shiraz to Yasuj
Day 11: Yasuj to Isfahan / Esfahan
Day 12: Isfahan / Esfahan
Day 13: Isfahan / Esfahan to Tehran
Day 14: Tehran to Bandar-e-Anzali
Day 15: Bandar-e-Anzali to Tehran
Day 16: Tehran to London

Maps of Iran:
Iranian Cultural & Information Center – “Sensitive” map
Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection – Iran Maps