Well and truly Twittered (and other Boxing Day activities)

Today has ended up being a day spent on the Mac.

First off, I uploaded photos of our somewhat solitary but very relaxed and enjoyable Christmas Day (dinner and presents) to Flickr and activated my Pro Account renewal gift token from Phil. Next I set about geotagging my Flickr photos as far as possible. London, Walton and Herefordshire proved relatively straightforward, but lack of decent map data for Pakistan’s North West Frontier Province and Northern Areas proved an insurmountable barrier to geotagging my Hindu Kush Adventure photos, and I suspect that all of my non-Yalta Crimea pics are far from accurately located….. Indeed I do have to gripe about the map functionality generally: why does the map move so far/fast when you click the left/right/up/down arrows? How do you stop the map moving when you spot the location you need? Why let you search for a location and then not pinpoint its coordinates when you click through to the map – eg Foros, Crimea, Ukraine?

After a break for lunch, I thought I might as well join the merry Twitter throng. Having spent the Christmas holiday in the constant company of Phil’s buzzing treo – aka altering Phil and his nearest and dearest to the arrival of a new Twitter from one of his friends – it was an obvious move. Quite how I’ll fit it into my work day, I can’t imagine. In fact, I suspect that it will turn out somewhat similar to my Haddock-ing, catching up at the end of the day.

Last but not least, I tweaked the SparklyTrainers templates, to include four random Flickr pics on the homepage, to update the link to Sparkly Trainers >> Photos so that I now goes to Flickr rather than Fotopic and to change the colour scheme for Sparkly Trainers >> Reading (and added entries for my Christmas reading so far).