A new batch of favourite jokes

…. courtesy of Haddock. I can claim no credit. Joke 4 used to be my favourite, but 3 and 5 are new challengers for the title…..

Q1 What do you call a three legged, one eyed donkey playing old fashioned jazz piano?
Q2 What’s a specimen?
Q3 What do you call 2 mexican fire fights?
Q4 What do you call a French man in Sandals?
Q5 What do mexican carpet fitters say??
Q6 Why does Edward Woodwood have so many D’s in his name?

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A1 A winkywonkyplinkyplonkyhonkytonkydonkey
A2 An italian astronaut
A3 Hosé and hose b
A4 Phillipe Philloppe
A5 underlay! underlay!
A6 Because Ewar WooWoo sounds a bit stupid