Tender plants vs torrential rain

This afternoon I spent a lovely few hours planting out the two clematis that Jean sent via TJBR (together with a potted sage and fuschia) and the african (?) poppies Jo added to Jean’s contribution to the BJH roof terrace. And now, four hours later, it is chucking it down, with thunder and lightning thrown in for free.

I hope my poor tender plants survive…. the current collection comprises:

– jasmines x 2
– sweet peas (Walton, on a similarly wet bank holiday weekend)
– tomato plant (from Jean and dad’s April visit)
– two sweet pepper plants (from Jean and dad’s April visit)
– bright red geranium – freshly liberated today into the great outdoors after a spring/summer of TLC
– clematis x 3 (1 from Hereford last year, 2 sent by Jean)
– sage (from Jean)
– african poppies (from Jo)
– fuschia (from Jean)

tomato plant rainstorm raindrops
Tomato plant with rainstorm raindrops

At least the downpour will keep the snails and slugs at bay. I spent a satisfying quarter of an hour or so last night scooping up at least 10 the new leaf eaters (grrr) and corralling them in an empty flower pot. I was planning another recce/removal session this evening… let’s see if it dries up.

One thought on “Tender plants vs torrential rain”

  1. Best way of getting rid of slugs and snails is dropping them in salt water – very effective!! Your tomato plant looks very healthy – better than mine!! luv me

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