Uh oh, here we go again….

… my track record of unwittingly foreshadowing unrest and/or international incidents on my travels seems to be continuing unblemished…… and I thought Bhutan was meant to be a peaceful place!

March 2008 – Bhutan: “2008 January and February – A string of bomb blasts hits the country ahead of elections set for March 24. The attacks are blamed on groups fighting for the rights of ethnic Nepalis exiled in 1991.” (BBC Country Profile – Timeline: Bhutan) ‘Maoists killed’ by Bhutan police (BBC news)
April/May 2007 – Iran: “2007 March – Diplomatic stand-off with Britain after Iran detains 15 British sailors and marines patrolling the mouth of the Shatt al-Arab waterway separating Iran and Iraq. 2007 April – President Ahmadinejad says Iran can produce nuclear fuel on an industrial scale.” (BBC Country Profile – Timeline: Iran)
October 2006 – Pakistan: “Raid on an Islamic seminary in the tribal area of Bajaur bordering Afghanistan kills up to 80 people, sparking anti-government protests. The army says the madrassa was a training camp for militants.” (BBC Country Profile – Timeline: Pakistan)
January/February 2005 – Nepal: “King Gyanendra dismisses Prime Minister Deuba and his government, declares a state of emergency and assumes direct power, citing the need to defeat Maoist rebels.” (BBC Country Profile – Timeline: Nepal)

Maybe I should add flak jacket to my birthday list……