Satisfying, sunny Sunday

  • Photos uploaded into Flickr for our morning in Thimphu
  • Stroll through the backstreets to Columbia Road Flower Market, returning with four varieties of tomato plant: Shirley, Moneymaker, Yellow and Sun Baby
  • Quick catch up with Jo, Barney, Rosa and friends at the Waterside cafe
  • Home to chill out on the roof terrace, lounging on the beanbag rereading The Far Pavilions – having long ago forgotten that much of the novel is set in the Himalaya of NWFP
  • Once the shadows arrived, refreshing the soil in various terracotta pots and planting out the tommy toes – capturing one snail (large) and one slug (small) in the process; both later liberated in a podium bed
  • Heading back down to the podium with book and beanbag for another few chapters and an opportunity to luxuriate in the unseasonably early summer sun
  • And now, armed with a pot of tea and malt loaf, back to the Bhutan photos….