Central Asia Overland – visa update: China

Telephone calls and emails with Travcour today, asking for more paperwork to support my application for a Chinese visa – they need proof of how I’ll be leaving China. Tricky, as we are travelling out of China in a minibus over the Torugart Pass into Kyrgyzstan. I’d already sent in the letter that Explore provided to accompany the Chinese visa application which states this, so I’ve emailed off a copy of the itinerary together with my e-ticket showing Tashkent as my departure point coming back to London.

Update: 05 September 2008 – Travcour emailed to say that they will attach a copy of the itinerary with my application and a note explaining the route, and will let me know if there is a problem when they submit it to the Embassy on Monday.

I presume this means that they’ve got my visa for Kazakhstan. Hope so!