Christmas and New Year round up 2008

A quiet one all round, staying at home for Christmas and New Year, and I was at work for the three days between Christmas and New Year – very quiet there too.

In the run up to Christmas we had a few Sunday lunches out with family and friends, and I spent several Saturdays/Sundays on the Wedding Dress Quest which proved quicker and easier than expected. No meringues.

I was supposed to go ice skating with Tom, Barney and Rosa on Christmas Eve afternoon, but we got to the open air rink by Liverpool St station only to discover it had closed due to the warm weather! Ridiculous….. so we went home and had tea and Phil’s home made mince pies in front of the TV, watching a couple of episodes of The Simpsons…. all very chilled out.

Christmas Day itself involved a few phone calls to family and a full spread when it came to Christmas dinner: turkey, bacon-wrapped mini sausages and gravy (just for Phil), roast potatoes, roast parsnips, carrots, sprouts and roast chestnuts, cranberry stuffing, home made (by Phil) bread sauce.

Most of the time we weren’t stuffing our faces I spent uploading my Central Asia photos to Flickr…. Still ploughing through Uzbekistan, but almost there with my Central Asia Overland set. I’ve still to catch up on entries to cover the trip’s books read….

We welcomed in 2009 celebrating James C’s birthday in champagne style. Lovely, and the perfect excuse to spend much of New Year’s Day on the sofa indulging in a couple of episodes of Sharpe.

No resolutions.