Bind your own Wikipedia book

Phil pointed out that Wikipedia is letting you make your own book out of Wikipedia pages, and it is super, super simple to do.

I created my own first book in about 15 minutes, built out of the pages I’d added to my Where Next page, (plus a few more – so easy! Too easy?) and called Libya, April/May 2009.

Comprising 25 Wikipedia pages, the PDF version of my proto guide book weighs in at at hefty 14.3 MB and prints out on over 100 pages. Setting my PDF print options to two pages to a side, double sided that makes more than 25 sheets of paper…. hmmm next time I’ll be more judicious in my Wikipedia page selection. But for this edition the plan is to jot down additional information on to the less bountiful pages so that I can give something back to the wonderful Wikipedia.