Spent yesterday pottering, and avoiding starting to work through my Libya photos on my frustratingly slow eMac. The time is fast approaching when I’ll need to spend a relative fortune on a new Mac.

The day’s successes included buying two “Moneymaker” tomato and a “Red hot chili” plants from the Barbican greengrocer, and Simon’s 40th birthday celebrations plus my first Pimm’s of the season. I had a lovely evening, and I think my liver’s survived relatively unscathed.

I also really enjoyed catching Inside the Mediaeval Mind: Belief on iPlayer. Rather annoyed that I missed episodes 1 and 2 of the series and that these aren’t available but episode 4 on Power is in my diary.

But now, back to lounging on the sofa watching Sharpe – the final two DVDs in the box set….

4 thoughts on “Pottering”

  1. Hi Mary

    I’m writing this here because I could not find your contact details,,,,

    I saw that you have completed M865 Project Management.

    Please could you advise whether the course was good? also please could you email me the marked/unmarked TMAs?

    thanks for you help

  2. Hi Shane
    I did the course 5 years ago now, primarily to enable me to become ISEB certified. I think that the OU were planning to review/revamp the course not long after I completed it, which I think will have resulted in more up-to-date case studies and course software – which were the two weak points. My team all studied at the same time, which helped work through any tricky concepts and the TMAs, and we all went on the revision weekend which I would highly recommend.
    I can’t email you the TMAs as haven’t kept copies!

  3. Mary

    Hope you are well. A news item on this evening’s BBC world service prompted me to Google Kashgar, and from what I read, the Chinese are bulldozing the old town. I’m so glad we had the chance to see it, and sorry that it’s not resulting in much protest.

    I’ve been made redundant, as you might say, but not before getting a few last vacation days – to Moscow for a very long weekend and two weeks in Ethiopia. It may be a while before I travel again, but I am motivated to find a new job – so I can take a trip before I begin!


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