En route to Morocco

It turns out that there are overnight engineering works on the line from Paris to Madrid on the Friday we need to travel, so our beautiful plan to travel from London to Morocco by train (and ferry) stumbles at the first hurdle.

Undaunted, we’ve devised plan B: easyJet from London Gatwick to Madrid and an overnight stay in Madrid (booked into the Hotel Agumar, conveniently close to Atocha train station), which should then get us back on The Man in Seat Sixty-One …‘s (train) track.

But it’s never that straight forward…. Renfe and RailEurope both seem to be suggesting that there are no trains from Madrid to Algeciras either! DeutscheBahn looks more hopeful, and if all else fails the easyJet flies from Madrid to Casablanca, and the current pricing is ~ EUR 20 each.

For comparison, London to Casablanca with Royal Air Maroc was coming in at ~£450 per person….

Update: We’ve gone for the easyJet option, easily extending our hotel booking one more night, and we’ve just this minute booked our MAD-CAS flights. Sorted!