Three High Passes to Everest: we’re back!

We did it!

Yes, we climbed those three high passes and two high peaks (mainly) in great weather (from the Renjo La to the Kongma La at least) and definitely in great company, so a big thank you to fellow trekkers Dave, Steffi and Jake, and also to Sirdar Gopal, assistant Daa Waa (who was the Sirdar for Hazel and I on our additional week walking in from Shivalaya to Namche) and porters Mingma, Kumar, Nonda and Uberach for their excellent guidance, support and patience.

The trek itself is firmly in the magic memory box (TM Dave), notwithstanding the patches of cold, cloudy weather at either end, the Lukla flight shenanigans, and the diversion to Manchester due to fog at LHR, which meant it was 3am on Monday morning before I got back home….

I’ve no idea how many photos I took in the end, but they will be showing up in my Three High Passes to Everest set on Flickr over the coming weeks (Hazel’s photos were up on Flickr within weeks of our return!). Here’s a taster:

A taste of things to come..... Three High Passes to Everest trek: the view from Gokyo Ri (5,357m/17,575ft)

The rucksack unpack eventually tackled, the post trip washing bonanza begins. Farewell to the aroma of yak dung stoves.