Everest Trek Get Together No 3

Another lovely weekend of walking, wine and fab food in great company, organised by Steffi (photos by me).

Friday: the now-familiar rendezvous with Dave at Newport train station, and home cooked curry bonanza chez Wood, and the final stretch of Dave driving to Newgale and the coast of far west Wales. Mike reprised his role as Jake’s stand-in.

Saturday: Dave drove us over the Preseli Hills to Newport (Pembrokeshire), where we parked at The Parrog and, armed with coffee from Morawelon cafe-bar-restaurant (we resisted the cake temptation), we caught the Poppit Rocket coast bus to Poppit Sands. Under blue skies, we walked along back from Poppit Sands to Newport along the Pembrokeshire Coast Path / Llwybr Arfordir Sir Benfro. The tough stretch coincided with a particularly brisk onshore ‘breeze’ – but rather that than offshore, given the sheer drops on our right – and we strolled the final section, around Newport Bay, along the Nevern estuary and back through woodland to Newport, in beautiful evening light. After a refreshing pint, we dined sumptuously at the lovely Golden Lion pub – looking rather underdressed in the restaurant but without comment.

Sunday: A stroll on Newgale Beach, followed by Maurice’s Sunday lunch feast. No more needs to be said!


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