Tsum Valley Trek Prep (and Blurb BookSmart blip)

We’ll need 5 photos for our Easter trip to Nepal: one for our visa, four for trek/park permit(s). So, rather than shelling out for a official passport ones from a photo booth or Jessops, I googled diy passport photos online and found these guys, IDPhoto4You.

I’m now the proud owner of eight suitably serious looking passport size snaps. From Phil taking the photo to printing them out at home (on a standard sheet of 6″x4″ photo paper) took all of 10 mins, and I’ve got the .jpg file ready for any future reprints. Easy.

Also as part of the prep for this trek, I made a concerted effort to finish adding my photos from my last trip to Flickr, as the essential precursor to the final bit of finishing off: making the souvenir photo album using Blurb.

So yesterday I created my Peru, June/July 2014 – Highlights album, which I then use to upload that selection into Blurb’s BookSmart tool. Further progress has been slightly delayed by a message telling me that “An internet connection could not be established at this time”.

Flickr FAQs flagged the problem but without providing a fix. Given the recent pushiness of Flickr’s new ‘Create’ option, I was worried they’d blocked the Blurb integration, but Blurb’s Knowledgebase provided the answer, “Update to BookSmart fixes Flickr import issue“. One fresh BookSmart download later, I’m ready to go.