Where Next: Winter Walking Trins, Austria

I’m going to have to come up with a better naming convention than “Where next”, given that I’m in a phase of booking holidays ahead of going on the actual “next” one…. Anyway, here’s what I’m now looking forward to towards the end of this year.

Destination: A week’s walking in the Austrian Tyrol. Very Chalet School. We’ll be based at Hotel Wienerhof in Trins, 20km from Innsbruck.

Why: Partly to do another winter trip, given how much I enjoyed the Mt Toubkal Winter Climb – and this one combines a non-skiing activity, a picturesque destination, good dates and (ex flights) value for money. And partly because post-Brexit Referendum and post-BoE base rate cut to 0.25% I’m really beginning to wonder if there is any point in putting money into cash savings rather than spending it (And Yes: Pension? ISA? etc etc).

When: December 2016

How: Exodus’ Winter Walking Trins trip. Exodus don’t like me linking to their website, so you’ll have to search their website for details. Flights booked with Monarch this morning: London Gatwick <-> Innsbruck Airport.

Weather: Yr.no forecast for Trins, Tyrol (Austria)

Map: Google map of 6152 Trins, Austria

(Typed up whilst tucking into stollen – perhaps I’ll find some to bring back with me to refresh supplies….)