Diary – Monday 29 July 2002

Hot ‘n’ sticky day, slow to rise and only settled down at my desk at 9.15. Had early call to visit Chris to go through his comments on the scanning paper, which were roughly as I’d expected, i.e. long (a plus and a minus), and some additional details/suggestions, to make it even longer. Once I’ve taken in and digested it all and spewed it back out again as carefully constructed prose, it’ll go before the ITC in Oct.

Phew. Sitting here on the 19.48 to Windsor & Eton Riverside, via CJ… hotter and sweatier than is pleasant – that’s me and my fellow passengers.

I’d started home via Covent Garden, intent upon buying that pair of buffalo trainers I’ve been nurturing a growing keenness for. The shop manager, aka the London-and-UK manager gave me a top tip for getting a pair without having to pay the online ordering shipping charge. Perhaps he makes the same covert subterfuge suggestions to all his just-before-closing customers… only one way to find out! I also received a detailed account of the origins and growth of Buffalo, and the recent amicable divorce from Buffalo GmbH.

I was on the verge of putting my escape plan into action when noticed a tall, lean young man had entered the shop – ’twas Phil! Lovely, lovely 30 minute interlude, wandereing along Neal Street and around Covent Garden, cooling down with an M&S calippo c(l)one. Phil having headed off to yoga, I strolled on to Waterloo along The Strand and over the new Hungerford footbridge (taking pics as I crossed).

Plan is to head home to enjoy a lazy hour or so on the roof terrace, tidying up this revo-writing. H’s houseplants can wait until tomorrow morning for a water. I hope…

[interlude, marking arrival at CJ]

‘Just nipping into Asda en route’, always a mistake. Still, the result was a bargain haul of reduced veg and korma sauce, plus another George top. For the past hour I’ve sat out here on the roof terrace as the dusk darkened into night-time, serenaded by the whirring o the M&S aircon units and eavesdropping on my neighbours alfresco telephone conversations. Cool breezes move more freely than they can indoors, and the night sky glows orange with metropolitan light pollution. But not bright enough for me o see my laptop keyboard, and I’m not proficient enough at touch typing to continue composition. Time to adjourn to the lounge.

I hope we catch some of the perseids over the weekend.