One of the online resources I find useful at work is TechoLawyer. I subscribe to a few of their newsletters, and rate TechnoGuide and LLRX as good sources of information on IT issues in the legal environment.

TechnoLawyer is predominantly a US legal community at the moment. That’s still useful, given that the old dotcom adage that, where technology is concerned, looking at the US is a bit like looking into our own UK future a couple of years hence. In any event, I’ve not found any comparable source of information for UK Legal IT, although uklit, a yahoogroup for IT Managers and Directors from UK law firms, comes closest, but still no cigar.

July 22’s TechnoGuide had two items of interest to me.

The first was a request for advice on email newsletter tools and mail-list-management-meets-newsletter-creation tools. Interesting as devising recommendations on how to provide our BUMs (Business Unit Marketeers, believe it or not) with the controlled/controlable wherewithal to create and despatch ’emailshots’ is one of my current projects.

The other item of interest was in the New Topics section; Bloggers wanted!

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Below you’ll find new discussion topics as well as the
corresponding Master Topic, the approximate distribution
date, and suggested questions. Once we receive a Post on a
new topic, we schedule a Topical Compilation.

1. Bloggers Wanted (08/08/02)

(Master Topic: Collaboration/Knowledge Management)

a. What is a Blog and why should lawyers care?

b. Please list and discuss your favorite public Blogs.

c. How does your firm use Blog technology?

The above questions are just suggestions. Feel free to
discuss any aspect of this topic.

Respond to this Topic:

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And that got me thinking; why not use this, my blog, to record my learnings and make them more widely available and personally portable. ‘Hey maybe I’ll tell the guys at TechnoGuide that!’ urm, probably not!