Diary – Wednesday 31 July 2002

EEK! I received my first comment on MT Sparkly today, and it was from another m loosemore!!

I’m dying to take the vanity line of questioning… i.e. how did you find it! I mean it’s not as if anyone ever found www.sparklytrainers.com before (a good think seeing as for most of it’s existence all it had was a holding page put up by Tom when he registered the domain. I’ve just googled on loosemore, and Sparkly hasn’t come up in the first 17 pages….

I can remember the first time I googled my surname, Google brought back 4 pages of hits, mainly Sandra Loosemore’s pages suggesting an unusual combination of interests: figure skating – frogs – origami.

i’ve just googled on “Mary Loosemore”, and there’s “about 289” hits.

It’s weird knowing someone else is actually reading this. I’d not expected anyone to discover it for a while. In some ways it’s a good thing to have to assess now what I want to achieve in doing MT Sparkly. I’ve a feeling it’s going to be a diary, with “extra bits”. The extra bits being admin things (boring meter readings and the like so i’ve got my facts and figures to hand when battling with hapless call centre staff), work-related jottings and comments on things i learn and use at/for work or think I might find useful. My personal portable, shareable know how bank.

The diary bit is a bit vain, don’t you think? and a bit boring. But it helps me get into the habit of making regular entries here and makes me learn more of the features, and to identify different ways in which I can use MT Sparkly. For instance, I’ve decided not to use it for uploading photos. I’ll continue to use fotopic for that, and link from here to collections or individual photos on my fotopic site.

Ah well, lunchtime’s over…..