Diary – Friday 09 August 2002

My trainers arrived!! Yaaaay! Not au fait with the cause of my excitement? I’m planning to put picture here.

Main find of the day was the new transport for london site.

When did it change? At last, an integrated journey planner!

I just did a search for getting from Finsbury Park (train etc interchange closest to bro) to Peckham Rye station tomorrow, and it’s come back with a great route in a really clear display (which doesn’t cut +paste) and description:

18:30 Finsbury Park
Take Bus W5 towards Macdonald Road to Archway
Station Stop: C
Buses every: 12 min.
Max journey time: 29 min.

Archway Station
Walk to Archway.
Transfer time: 6 min.

19:05 Archway
Take towards Morden to London Bridge
Transfer on foot.
Av journey time: 21 min.
Transfer time: 7 min.

19:29 London Bridge
Take South Central Trains towards Beckenham Junction
to Peckham Rye
Av journey time: 8 min.

19:37 Peckham Rye

you can enter from/to details as a station/stop, an address, a postcode, a place of interest.

I’m sold!

Played (and broke) ZeldaChat

Met Phil outside Liverpool St, and caught the bus back to Hackney, where we finally watched ‘the best episode of Angel ever’ – I’d say that it suffered from a bit too much hype and delay-generated anticipation for its own good.