Diary – Saturday 10 August 2002

Went up to see TJBR on Saturday afternoon, and they were all, bar Jo, awful! B&R hyper and overtired after a birthday party featuring a ball-pond and too much sugar & fizzy drinks, bro because he’d got the beginning of a nasty cold. which i think I’ve now got too….

Discovered we had to take a rail replacement bus from London Bridge to Peckham Rye to get to Kirsten and Mark’s.

I prefer the bus, not because it’s airier or because I feel claustrophobic – although I detest the commuter cattle carriages which operate on SWT enough to consider moving within walking distance of work – but because I like seeing how London fits together. It’s an upwards spiral – you need a certain familiarity with London’s layout in order to catch the bus, and the more you take the bus, the better your understanding of London’s geography is.