Calling all you admin-abhorers!

who have to fill in a UK tax return/do self assessment this year.

I’ve just filled out mine using the IR’s online tax return.

Provided you’ve kept and collected together all your:
– P45s & P60s / Payslips
– bank etc account Certificates of Deduction of Tax
– Dividend tax vouchers
– details of pensions contributions (could be a deduction on your payslip if it is paid out of salary)
– and anything else you need for e.g. income from property, self employment etc

then it’s amazingly straightforward. no hairpulling, no calculating, and telephone and email hotlines if you get stuck. Plus you get a PDF of your return which matches the Form to keep!!

Honestly, compared to completing the form by hand it’s a million times easier. I’ve just spent 30 mins doing mine, and it’s done and dusted. Finito. Compare that to evenings and weekends of agony in previous years trying to understand what went where and what page to turn to next.

DO IT NOW – you will have received all the tax paperwork you need, and if you’ve lost it you’ve time to ask for copies before the 30 Sept deadline.

No excuse for whinging come 05 April 2003

This has been a public service announcement.