Diary – Friday 16 August 2002

I must remember that the reason I don’t wear strappy sandals very often is that a) they give me blisters, and b) I can’t walk in them, I can only totter (and that isn’t really me).

Finally made it into work just before 9, and that was having taken not only the W&C line, but the Travellator at Bank too. Discovered that there is a London Underground job invovling collecting commuters copies of Metro when they reach the top of the ride.

Tom had taken upon himself to rejig the Sparkly structure for me last night, based on the flimiest repetitititious instructions from me, as I discovered when I checked me mail this morning…. 2 from him, the first titled “oops” , the second, more worryingly “BOLLOCKS”, which contained the simple comment

“i’ve broken it badly




Heart in mouth, with visions of all my lovely prose set adrift on the seas of the superhighway (i *know* that doesn’t work but I’m at work and I’ve got meeting notes to write up – yawn), I checked www.sparklytrainers.com….. to discover my lovely new home page, complete with links to blog and burning man as requested!!! plus a few tomski extras like links to B&R’s sites. Yaaay! Am not really exicted and longing to have a play with the black and purple (which I fear may not last bro….) Must…..Resist……

…for a millisecond until i check mail again (all on / via yahoo, i don’t take personal mail at my work address – one of the lessons learned early in a peripatetic career!) and see Stef’s mail about Danny’s inventory of stuff for/from burning man. So i’ve just posted the link to the BM blog. urk.