Diary – Thursday 15 August 2002

Fun, wine fuelled evening with les filles des mois Verts, aka Ann and Emma, in Richmond. Two nights of pizza on the trot wouldn’t be my idea of dream cuisine, but given the quality of Strada last night and La Trattoria this evening, things could be worse.

Highlight was Ann’s pledge to give John his marching orders if they weren’t engaged-to-be-married by the time she turns 30 – photographic proof of that pledge was obtained. You probably won’t be able to read it though – we were all a tad tipsy.

Drunkenly called H on the way home to suggest we might need some cooling containers for our Calais run on Saturday, particularly if our purchases include cheese and butter and yoghurt staples. That proved to be a temptation too far for fate (and H’s MGBGT)