Diary – Tuesday 22 October 2002

Another vietnamese feast at the Viet Hoa on Kingsland Road. I love the way
you can leave behind my bit of the City so swiftly, simply by moving south, or
east, or north from EC2. On to the Rio at Dalston to wach All or Nothing. A
fantastic local cinema, new to me. It has a 30s feel, comes with an upper circle (not seen since St Andrews Picture House days!) and – I’ve just this very moment noticed – leopardskin print carpet at our feet. The Rio is an unexpectd gem in a rainy rundown Dalston.

And the film turned out to be excellent too, albeit with echoes of our rundown Dalston location.

A good close to a day that had started off badly with Helpdesk yet again belying their name by being singularly unhelpful the one of the less technologically adept staff who’d been upgraded last night. Sadly this is a familar refrain, which I’ll refrain from detailing here.