Yahoo problems??

Been trying to check my mail on in vain today – which is a right pain – no haddock to give my working day the kick start it currently requires (the rest of it being Windows 2000 interviews with W95 users) for starters.

bah. i can’t check loosemore mail either. and the rest of the web seems to be working Just Fine. Maybe Yahoo are doing work in the US downtime – thanks a bunch if so.

3 thoughts on “Yahoo problems??”

  1. This is so unpridictable I am wanting to log onto my yahoo and it is not letting me log on not even to the website. I want to talk to loved ones, family, and friends. Yahoo should have sent out a message to all of the yahoo users to let them know that this incident was going to happen. This is outragous and cruel in some meanings.
    Thank You So Much,

  2. i am soo pissed off at yahoo rite now. it is alwayz dere when i nee it but 2 day is different i tryed to logg on the messenger and it wouldnt work i tryed like 10 times is there a problem i need to know about i couldnt even get in the web site to check my email that really put the dick in the ass on that one ooo fix it or ill call some 1 important.

  3. like yes i been trying to log on yahoo but it seems to stall. i check to see if its running but it is but the friends list wont appear. please help me with my problem

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