EasyCar SqueegyCar

I returned the cottage conveyance clio to easyCar Barbican this morning (necessitating 6.45am rise and shine. URGH) and Luis R had the temerity to say it was dirty!!!!!!!! I told him that the only reason it appeared dirty was because I’d washed and hoovered it, and that highlighted the bits I’d missed. I refused to sign the form, and suggested that if he gave me a cloth I’d happily polish up the clio for easyCar, but we ended up agreeing to differ and I didn’t sign anything….. and wishing I’d looked more closely at the option he’d circled.

So who knows…. only £10 if easyCar say it wasn’t clean, but it’s The Principle; the car was dirty inside and out when I picked it up, and I did clean it over the weekend.

I did go over the mileage allowance a bit, not much though. So if we’d not taken the north circular, or gone on the tile treasure hunt around Hereford we’d probably have been ok. Next time I’ll hire for 6 days.

Total cost, including diesel:

Basic Rental Cost (5 days) – 30.85
Transaction Fee – 2.00
Extras – 0.00
Insurance – 0.00
Loss/Damage Waiver – 18.75
Diesel – 32.50 (returned with tank half full – or empty, depending on your perspective)

Total Cost so far – 84.10

Plus Unknown Extras:
Additional mileage @ 0.20 mile
Cleaning – 10

TOTAL: c – 100.

Not quite the bargain you think you’re getting! and not a patch on Edinburgh Europcar .