The Lord Mayor’s Show 2002

Still recovering from a weekend looking after Barney and Rosa, with the latter applying full throttle to the Terrible Threes.

After Blue Peter-esque craft on Saturday morning, we ventured out to Moorgate to see the Lord Mayor’s Show parade, which I’ve not seen before. There was hardly anyone about, which might be the norm, but must be pretty soul destroying for the people in the parade, and seems rather at odds with the figures bandied about in and the impression given by the british media.

The best were a brass band from Holland, in full national dress (billowing stripey skirts and lace caps), riding on matching black sit-up-and-beg bikes playing their tunes. Crazy people, and a real pity I can’t find anything about them online.

Tom emailed me these on Monday:

one for you to download at work (or at phil’s – it’s big and in Quicktime) (it’s 3MB+)

this one’s the best though… (1.7Mb)

But I’ll have to wait until I’m at bro or Phils’ to see them – unable to decompress at work. pah.