28 days later……

….is a very scary film.

Myles, gent that he is, sat through my hands-at-the-ready-for-hiding-behind performance during the 2 hour film by Alex Garland (storyline – The Beach) and Danny Boyle (director – Trainspotting). Excellently shot, with some nice cinematography (strobing the “Rage” attacks) and amazing scenes. In particular the early ones of a deserted London were amazing, not just in showing Westminster Bridge, the House of Parliament, Picadilly, Trafalgar Square and the City all devoid of any sign of life, but also because of the lengths the crew must have gone to shoot these scenes. There can’t be many hours of daylight when central London isn’t awash with humain activity!

It gave me nightmares on Saturday night too. Although possibly aided and abetted by the most MSGy chinese meal I’ve had in years. The nightmares have since been superceded in the 4am graveyard slot by futile fretting about work/career.

I’m just not cut out for horror movies.