Glistening Gherkin

I know the title sounds like a porn movie, but I’m referring to the new Norman Foster designed “skyscraper” which is emerging amidst the City cityscape.

Walking to work this morning, on a gorgeous crisp, sunny, albeit slightly fog-hazy morning, I could see the fish scale cladding gleaming in the sunlight, a few layers higher up than this time last week. It makes a welcome focal point for my morning constitutional.

Until I googled for “gherkin london” and found this BBC Online article I hadn’t realised that it was being built on the site of the bomb-blasted Baltic Exchange. Sadly, Foster And Partners‘ own site isn’t very informative on current projects – the most recent date I could spot was 2000. Oh – I tell a lie – a little more random mooching and I’ve found the Gherkin Project aka Swiss Re Headquarters.