Near miss at Paddington

Phew – I so early missed the 17:00 train to dad’s. Things started off fine – left work at 4.15, straight onto a Metropolitan line train to Baker Street, which is where things began to go awry. 12 minutes to wait until the next train via Paddington – and that’s with both the Hammersmith and City and the Circle line travelling along the same track. The Bakerloo alternative isn’t running during the day Mondays to Friday, so I just had to sit (or rather “pace”) it out until 16.49. Six mins journey time to Paddington, and I had no idea where the pink line tube station is within the grand scheme of things at the mainline station.

Once out of the tube and on the platform it appeared that there is only one staircase out, and people were going up and down it, excruciatingly slowly. I inched my way forward as fast as possible without barging my way completely into people’s bad books, and ran as soon as the walkway opened up ahead of me.

Through the barriers Lady Luck returned as I came out onto the overhead walkways which cross the main platforms half way down their length, and I managed to spot the West Wales train and scrambled on board with one minute to spare.

And once I’ve caught my breath and relaxed a little, I shall read the Marie Claire article on D, Q and G’s polyamorous relationship.