“Mary Roooooof”

… just called. She was the unrecognised number calling my mobile as I sat on the train home last night. which I didn’t pick up….

She and Colin are down in London and are intent upon meeting up with Les Loosemores. Lovely! All I need od now is find out where’s a good place to get some lunch by Tate Modern. “Ask Haddock” methinks.

Mary-the-medic was the fount of all knowledge during our early adolescence: Quote of the 80s from the 40acres diary:

“Mary Ruth….. what’s a les?”

as overheard by mum and dad one evening when tom, mary and I were camping in the garden.

… 3 hours later (2 of them spent “At Lunch”)….

back from a lovely lunch with MR and C. None of us could remember when we’d last managed to meet up, and they freaked me out a bit by referring to their 10 year wedding anniversary. Is is *that* long??

Ended up scoffing Pizza at Harry’s Bar by St Paul’s, although Haddock’s nominations sounded tempting, just not best suited to MR&C’s walking tour of London route:

Various posh eateries on Queen Victoria St
The group of posh food shops between TateMod and Waterloo
Tas / other restaurants on The Cut
Jerwood Space