H’s off

H has quit JPMorgan and is off to Equador at the end of March for a month at spanish school, then back for a short spell to perform bridesmaid duties for her sister, and then off to S America – from Rio to Easter Island, estimated return “early 2004”!!!

I am a bit jealous, but in my rational mind I know that going travelling isn’t something I’m likely to do again – not in a bad way, it’s more a case of I feel that the my life in London – Phil, friends and job – is something I don’t want to interrupt, and leaving would be a bit mistake.

That said, I’m already nagging H for her outline itinery so that I can work out when/ where’s best to head out to meet her for a few weeks, time off and wars permitting. So that puts the central asia/western China trip on hold for another year, which will give me time to build up some more funds, and holiday allowance! This year looks set to be the year of many small trips – Istanbul next month, maybe Paris in the summer, and time at the cottage hopefully with a chunky visit to South America sometimes towards the end of the year.