OXO, Asda and the Met

Met up with Linz last night and we had v civilised drinks and nibbles in the OXO Tower, and I subsequently routed home via Asda (yes, I know I swore never to darken their door again, but they were open, and I needed stuff for entertaining Myles tonight…. ) and a) it wasn’t busy, b) they had lots of check outs open (!) and c) I have a fine haul of reduced trays of onion bhajis in my freezer.

So Hazel won’t starve when she lodges chez Mez.

Also found birthday cards from Barney and Rosa (with a little help from Jo) on my doormat- lovely!

When I came through CJ though last night, it was crawling with Police and police dogs in the ticket hall area – wonder if it is drugs they’re after. And then on the way into work this a.m. I went past the Royal Festival Hall as usual, and there were 6 police vans there, full of police with bullet proof vests on and everything. Plus a couple of silver cop cars, and lots of RFH security. All I could see was that the BP AGM is being held there. Looks like they’re expecting trouble….