DIY achievements du jour

I have spent today, Easter Monday, “nesting” in the peace and quietitude of Barnard Road.


– Shopping trip to Woolies/Superdrug (washing up gloves, birthday presents for Rosa, Guardian – for TV guide – and idea of using white spirited toothbrush for removing white paint smudged on glass panels in false kitchen door)
– Cutting down bedroom blinds pull cord (to prevent catching on shoe rack)
– Taking measurements for dad DIY
– Tiding up edges of bath panel paintwork
– Giving the hallway a finishing coat of Crown Ivory Cream matt emulsion (before 1 & 2 – after 1 & 2)
– Painting over water stains on bathroom ceiling
– Dusting bedroom
– Replacing sheets, pillows and duvet cover
– Hoovering partout
– Not one, not two, but three loads of washing, and drying outside on the roof terrace
– Trying in vain to take down bird box (in fear and loathing of finding dead bird remains therein)
– Ironing existing washing pile
– Window cleaning roof terrace door, and all picture frames
– Getting details of alto sax to send to Broadway Music (in search of a second hand sale)
– Writing Haddock reviews for Cloudstreet, The Mulberry Empire and The Road to Jerusalem/The Knight Templar (and discovering that according to, I

Dad, this is my request, in a sort of order of priority, but to be discussed when I deliver barney. I’ll take measurements for then too.

1.1 Add in more levels of shelving to the alcove nearest the window.
– Create a double width shelf just above the skirting board to put my stereo system onto;
– The other 2-3 levels single width for books.

I’ve got the pine shelving which used to be the “mantlepiece” and the double with sections in each alcove. Hopefully we can use these (e.g. the one which was in the window alcove can be used for the stereo shelf, cut down to be flush with the chimney breast).

Alcove widths are:
LHS (facing wall): 92 cm (nb includes 2 x 2cm wide skirting)
RHS (i.e window side): 80ish cm (nb skirting)
Chimney breast: 24.5 cm proud from wall

2.1 Secure white blind
2.2 Lighting – I’m planning to buy 2 pendant light fittings, so we need to remove the strip light and replace it with a pendant hanging wire
2.3 Create a wine rack between lower cupboard unit and wash machine, where
there’s a white melamine panel at the moment (assuming this can be removed)
2.4 Redo tiling section of the work surface, beneath the boiler/above the washing machine, using left over tiles from bathroom – need you to redo the basic surface, I can do the tiling (or try to….)

3.1 Check washer in bathroom taps shower unit (leaks? but don’t tell Katy…)
3.2 Light pull switch (sticks)
3.3 Under sink shelving or baskets for storage – or maybe put shelving over the door…

4.1 Fix hinge on cupboard top door

5.1 Fill gaps where railings have rusted (car filler?)

6.1 Keyhole cover (outside)

I’ll borrow Phil’s drill/power screw-driver and spirit level. And provide fresh bread, board and lodgings.”