Habitat soldes

It comes to something when all I want to do is get to the end of my working day and zip off to Habitat to see if the stripey duvet set is in their 50% off sale (starts today!).

I don’t think this misalignment of my focus has been helped by the fact that in french this morning we discussed the regulation applying to the Soldes in France, which seems to be far more rigourous than in the UK. For instance, in France to advertise an X% sale:
1. you have to be able to prove that for the month previous to the sale the prices were such that the sale price is X% less;
2. for any item in the sale, you have to offer all sizes, all colours, all styles;
3. have the sale within the permitted periods

Oh, and the other reason why Habitat duvet sets persist at the forefront of my mind is that my current work focus is CD Narrative International, and Reviewing the Legal & Costs Grade Structure.

:yawn: SeeWhatIMean? :yawn:

and finally, that Habitat website makes me feel really, really queasy.

Right, time to talk CD Nar. Int. with TFW….