Weekending at Forty Acres…

Phew! Phil and I had a very lazy weekend at the cottage, only really “doing” anything on Sat afternoon, when we went into Hereford and bought food goodies from the “european” market they were holding the the city centre – it was a mix of a farmer’s market and one of those french travelling ones. Good food all round!

Then motored up to Leominster, where we mooched the antique shoppes and Phil bought a few pieces of blue/white stripe cornishware crockery.

Resolutely cloudy all the time, and we didn’t get a sloping front train on the journey back!!

One thought on “Weekending at Forty Acres…”

  1. I am intrigued! I am researching the DREW family of Hereford and a certain Samuel Drew resided at Forty Acres in 1851. Could this be your Forty Acres? If so it sounds lovely!

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