booze and late nights!

Saw Myles on Friday – drank lots of beer and talked about his jacking in his job at 3 and heading to NZ to suss out work/life opportunities in September. Spent Sat a.m. gently working through a smallish hangover, courtesy of Friday night’s Phuket/Fuckit beer and Deuchars IPA (how do you pronounce that??), until Rachel and Carl arrived at 6ish, at which point we started on the white wine and beers, soaking up the sun on the roof terrace. They stayed over, and after a lazy morning they headed home lunchtime-ish. I spent the afternoon recovering/sleeping on the roof terrace again, until Phil came round and we leapt into (in)action – more roof terrace reading, shorts hemming and TV watching (Big Brother Winner, One Week On followed by Six Feet Under).