email agony….

I’ve been without personal email for a week or so – just couldn’t download any new mail from the end of last week onwards – it just stuck resolutely at downloading the first mail, but nothing ever came through. It dawned on me that that’s a sign of a massive email, but emails to the usual helper-outers came to naught – everyone’s on holiday!

Phil suggested I see if there was any way to limit the size of incoming mail, so that I only pick up emails less than 100 KB, and thankfully I did unearth that part of Outlook, and it worked! Still can’t pick up via popmail/yahoo, which leaves me email-less at work (well, other than my Simmons’ address) – agony!! Hopefully M/T will sort it out tonight. Not sure whether to scold the offending sender or not.

It’s a pain that lots of my mail recently ahs been spam. Far, far more than I’ve ever received hitherto. Bummer – looks like I’m on the lists, from which there is No Real Escape. That’s a real bummer.