I bought a new phone!

I’m now the proud owner of a Nokia 6610. After much deliberation and prevarication and declaimings of the horror of learning the red/green phone interface (grrrr), CarphoneWarehouse persuaded me to trade in my trusty 3330 and to pay and extra £9.99 to get the 6610, which I’ve had since last Thursday. Call it my End of July Present).

But I’m smitten! Not by the polyphonic ring tones, nor by the colour screen. Not even by the FM radio… but by the fact it synchs with Outlook!! No more dual maintenance of phone numbers! Email addresses on my phone! The Revo’s heading for eBay, and I’ve just rationalised my ancient collection of Contacts. The only tricky part if moving from the old familiar Phil G Mob to Phil Gyford’s mobile number icon, which doesn’t (yet) feel quite right.

And is dad “Dad”, or “Geoff Loosemore”??