Moving on !!

Cor, it’s Go! Go! Go!

After meeting with all three contending estate agents, I decided to use Curzon Wilson to sell my flat (sniff) last night and telephoned all concerned to let them know this morning. Main reasons for picking CW were that (1) I’d bought through them and get on well with Alan Wilson; (2) the valuation was consistent with another of the agencies (although not the highest); (3) their fee was the lowest, by a couple of points of a percent.

… and the first viewing is arranged for 10:45 tomorrow!

I also instructed solicitors on the sale of the flat: Chandresh Bhatt of Bishop & Sewell, as recommended by Phil and Master Cronin.

Chandresh ran through some of the preliminary steps involved in selling a share of freehold flat with a mortgage:

1. Seller’s solicitor requests deeds from the mortgage lender. eta c 1 week.
2. S’s sol. sends out Seller’s Property Information Request to Seller. eta up to me!
3. S’s sol. sends out Freehold Management Questionnaire to Freehold Mgmt Company. eta up to Mr Turner (!)
4. S’s sol. prepares contract based on details in deeds, SPIR and FMQ
5. S’s sol. sends contract, copy of lease and freehold flat management particulars to Buyer’s solicitor.
6. B’s sol review contract and negotiate as required

I’m not 100% sure of that being the correct order, but I think they are the key steps for the start of the process. Progress reports and update will follow in due course.

Next stop: moneyextra to sort out a mortgage….

Chandresh Bhatt
Bishop & Sewell
32 Bloomsbury Street

ddi: 020 7079 2425
tel: 020 7631 4141
fax: 020 7636 5369
DX 278 London

Fee estimate is £600 – £600 + disbursements, plus VAT.