Chile photos finished

… as in I’ve finally got them all up on (aka the fantastic fotopic).

The main reason for the delay (unusual for me I know!) is that I had to resize some of the larger ones I took in Chile. Over-enthusiastic use of all the Ixus’ maxumum settings for dimensions and resolution/smoothing meant that I had pictures that were 1+MB in size…. waaaaaaaaay too big to do anything useful with. So I used a batch process in Phil’s Photoshop to scale down all the ones taken after 21 November, and then had to file them in amongst the full scale photos, and then select the ones to upload to fotopic. Except that I wimped out on that last step and just uploaded everything! As you will see if you look at the El Chalten / Fitz Roy collection …………..

December 2012: Following Fotopic’s demise, I’ve uploaded the photos onto Flickr – Chile & Patagonian Argentina, November – December 2003