Jerry Springer – The Opera

Hazel and I went to see Jerry Springer – The Opera last night. It was an excellent evening, warming up for our American theme with burgers at Ed’s Diner in Soho.

The show itself was excellent, albeit a tad “blue” on the words front. I don’t think 5 minutes went by without a slew of **** ***** ***** *****. All beautifully set to music though 🙂

David Soul played Jerry, and he was far better than I’d expected – not a whiff of Starksy (or was he Hutch?). In fact the whole cast was superb, really getting into the spirit of the show, drawing the audience along with it. I’ve spent today singing “Talk to the hand…..” at various colleagues, and warming up with a spot of “Jer-ry Jerry”, complete with hand movements on both counts.