Kerala here we come!

Hazel and I are off to a fortnight of luxury at the Le Meridien Kovalem Beach in November!!! I booked today, and I can’t wait. It’s just the carrot I need to get me through the shitty BMS Portal project at work, and the Open University Project Management exam – both of which are due to crystallise mid-October.

We’re going with Jewel in the Crown holidays (they *really* need to sort out the website optimisation, it took me a lot of perseverance to find their website again so that I could book!), so it’s a convenient package of flights, transfers and B&B accommodation, in a deluxe hotel, the very same place where Janette and I enjoyed a couple of amazing yoga classes when we went to Kerala with Kuoni in 1996, not forgetting the massage and beauty treatment session we indulged in on our last morning. I won’t be getting my hair conditioned this time….

All that remains is to get a tourist visa from the Indian High Commission at Aldwych.