Before Sunset

After a quick flit around the Silk Road exhibition at the British Library, and the amazing photos taken by selected 20 century european explorers, I headed back to EC2 to rendezvous with Phil to go to see Before Sunset at the Barbican.

I’ve not seen Before Sunrise – even though I tried to persuade Hazel to get it out on many a vid ‘n’ veg night – but even without the background I loved the film. The head straight into cliche-ville, it tugged at the heartstrings, and by the end I had tears running down my cheeks, not wanting the story to end.

The *only* annoyance were the fake walks around Paris (you know, where they turn left at the Eiffel Tower and find themselves looking at Notre Dame) but I don’t suppose many viewers would even notice that.

The dilemma delivered by Before Sunset is… do I watch Before Sunset ….?