TMA 02 submitted

After many frustrations with the OU’s required project management software package (PS8), and irritations with the lack of constructive support from the OU in general, I’ve finally managed to do my second assignment (with heart-felt thanks to Theresa and Tony who helped me get past the point of wanting to quit purely because PS8 and OU’s customisation of it is such a waste of everyone’s time), and after a dispiriting 2 hours in work on a Saturday (on top of 2 Sundays here mainly spent grappling fruitlessly with PS8), I’m only 200 words over the limit, and have reached the point where it’s not worth agonising any further, so I’ve sumbitted it.

And emailed Miles asking him to check that he can open the document and type his tutor’s comments in it.

British Library, here I come!