Napoleon Dynamite – the movie

Not what I’d call a good film. I didn’t find it remotely funny, although others in the audience clearly did. Simon Pegg, how could you mislead us so?!?!

Sitting through Napoleon Dynamite was like watching the cool kids at school poking fun at the emotionally stunted kid, who wasn’t even a true geek (in the Seth Cohen sense), just more of an apathetic, hopeless cause, a perennial loser from a fundamentally dysfunctional family, somewhere in Idaho. Painful, and at times embarassing, even shaming.

Not recommended, unless you like poking fun at those less fortunate than yourself.

One thought on “Napoleon Dynamite – the movie”

  1. u witch, its just like you not to enjoy something. napoleon is cool and he isnt a nerd, his style is top notch. soft ski boots with tight jeans is so hip, it reminds me of the UG trend. quit bashing u dirty witch.

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