For a Sunday that we’d planned – only yesterday – to spend relaxing and reading, I’ve had a busy, but satisfying day…. sanding down and re-polfilla-ing the remaining holes in the ceiling/walls, sweeping and cleaning all the floors, unpacking all the boxes in the lounge, sorting out stuff onto the bookshelves, re-arranging (with Phil’s help) the empty boxes on top of the wardrobe in the spare room/office, vacuum-packing duvets… stopping to catch breath and take tea with Phil’s mum and Chris, who brought lovely flowers from Columbia Road, and some sugary, lemony cakes from Tenerife …. breaking into my old trunk and consigning lots of surplus bedding to the Charity Shops, all finished off with a tasty (if expensive) Keralan takeaway from The Coconut Lagoon on Goswell Road, and a lovely, long, Lush B.A.T.H.